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redlined my is300 today

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trying to change lanes and forgot to shift up to 2 for about 2-3 secs. Everything seems to be ok though.
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hehehe i remember awhile back i was at a stop light and turned my trac off (i drive wit power on) and eshifted to second, was waiting for the light to changed and a cop pulled up at the corner right as it did, lets just say i was in second for awhile...

yesterday was planning to take my IS down to Palmdale to see the races, unfortunately as soon as we got like 30 miles within the city limits it started pouring like a mofo (and i had just washed my car the day before
) oh well, we got off the first exit we saw (agua dulce??) and waited out the rain and traffic, the rain lightened up and some friends tried to light up their tires to pass time...then it started raining again...on the way back it was pouring bad and the IS seemed pretty well composed at relaatively high speeds in wet weather, glad I got LSD though... and on the way back to the freeway from In & Out i was able to get the rear end loose WITH trac ON...hehehe that was fun.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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