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Recommendations on where to get my IS tinted in the bay area

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I'ld like to get the windows tinted now that summer is here. If you have any recommendations that would be great. I called one place up in fremont and they said that they cannot do the IS rear window.

Again... Fremont, Newark, San Jose area preferred.

Thanks Guys!
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Originally posted by Mike Silva:
I take my cars and have my family and friends go to California Window Tint on Montery Road. Its about halfway between Capitol Expressway and Tully road on the west side of the street. Its in a little Auto care center. They do very good work. I'll probably be taking the IS and my bro's 2001 Saturn there in a few weeks. They'll probably charge $200 to $250 for all the windows.

I will totally recommend this guy.. excellent job on my car... madico film lifetime warranty..

somewhere like $250 ask for Phil.. tell him that Richard (silver Lexus) and he should hook you up
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