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I downloaded the video wherein a white IS was cruising on the interstate and it showed a nicely tucked (low riding) rear wheel. The owner said it was bone stock. While the "Supercharged IS300 pic" post shows an obvious rear wheel gap.

On my IS, the gap at the rear is around 4 fingers and the one in front is around 3. How about you guys?

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Yes Sir, thats my wife's IS.
The car is stock. My wife weights approx. 120lbs. Her employee riding with her weights approx. 135lbs.
They had two SMALL overnight bags in the trunk.
Like I've said numerous times the IS has a Very Nice Low Ride height. (Our's Does)
And I've noticed other IS's do set a little higher than ours......
You can see some of the ride height by doing this.
Go get in your car, start the car, hold the brake and put the car in Drive.
Do this while looking at the rear wheel gap.
As soon as the car hits drive uou will notice a NOTICABLE DROP in the suspension.
Couple this fact with actually driving the car on the road under torque and you get a Nice ,Sleek, Low ride height with the STOCK SUSPENSION.
Remember, Looking at a car sitting idle vs moving down the road there is a Noticable difference in the Look.

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