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Originally posted by lowprofile:
Anyone notice that there is a icon of a car with "beams" coming from the back lights on your instrument cluster? It comes on as part of the startup check (lower left, I think) but then I've never seen it come on. I thought it might be a reverse gear indicator light but that's not it either. Maybe a parking range sensor for future use? Any ideas??

is the light amber/orange in colour? and are the beams curved?(i.e. not straight)... if it is then it might be the "loss of traction" light which doesn't have anything to do with the lightbulbs... i've noticed it go off when i have trac off and swing around corners too fast... i could be wrong about this, but i don't see any other similar light on the bottom left side of the display... hope this helps...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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