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Really need Vanity Plate....

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Does anyone know where I can get a Lexus plate for the front of my car? I got a body kit put on and there are no emblems on the front, people always think my car is a Honda or a Focus, which really sucks. Someone please help me out.
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I didn't take the emblems off myself. The place that put my ground effects on took the emblems off without my permission. I have a different grill and front end, so I'm not sure if the "L" would've fit on the grill properly. If you guys think that it will, I'll probably call back that place and have them give me the emblem back. Also, people on the street don't ask me stuff, but when I got my oil changed yesterday, the guy told me he thought it was a Focus when I pulled in, but only with a custom paint job. I don't mind that much, but all my friends are telling me to fix it so it doesn't look like a Civic on the front.
I think the car looks weird without the badge, and I personally like how the "L" looks, it just adds style to the plain front end.
Originally posted by CL Boy:
i agree.....people dont know what the 'L' is anyway......if you care that much about people knowing you are a badge snob.....get a LEXUS windshield banner......if people cannot recognize an IS as a lexus, they are too stupid to realize a lexus is any better than a civic at all. you shouldnt be trying to impress stupid people anyway. i see so many MBs running around with license frames that say 'mercedes' is that? does everyone need help decifering the tri-star? are we supposed to be impressed by their yuppie techniques? just shave it all. its clean
If I can figure out how to work my scanner, I will definitely post some pictures. The bodykit looks extremely well...much better than I anticipated. I have an SBM and the front and rear pieces are painted gray. Everyone I know thats seen it thinks it looks better than any other IS they've seen. Now I just hope it holds up well and doesn't break on me.
Originally posted by Hi-Fidelity:
Pictures of your ride..pleease.
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