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I've searched the forums quite a bit and wasn't able to come up with anything on this topic - You'll have to forgive me, as I view the message board on my cell phone (work has it blocked). :pissed:

I recently bought a 2001 IS300, and am looking to install my sub / amp. I will look into this moreso later, and possibly end up doing it myself. I did so with my old vehicle. However, I want to install an RCA headphone jack (similar to as-pictured below) into the stock radio that came with the IS300. I like the look of the interior, and although some sort of lcd screen may be in my future, I'd like to keep things as is and refrain from buying a head unit.

Can someone point me in the right direction as to finding instructions on wiring in a headphone jack? I've found tutorials for disassembling the dash and accessing the radio, but I am more concerned with the actual installation of the wire. If anyone has any information on installing my amp / sub into the stock stereo system, that as well would be truly beneficial. Thanks in advance for the help, and I apologize if this topic was covered elsewhere!


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Well i did this mod
sound quality - awesome
but you have to insert a cassete in order to get this work :)

i modify the Lexus stock radio with a "TAPE IN"

You can with this modification the signal from a mp3 player or some other player with your Lexus Radio. Only you need a good audio cassette for noiseless tape function.

for this function, i open the line between the tape und the source-switch IC on the board. i solder a audio cable on the capacitor and bridge the restistors for more volume for the TAPE IN.

You can modify each radio from the IS, with or without internal amplifier. her pics from the electronic board

Pics from the Radio with Cd changer on the lower position

for modify the board, please all cd out of the mechanic! please demount only the electronic board, not the front!

her the board from the radio with the changer in upper position

sorry, no more pics from this modification on this board
her the technical schematic from the source IC on the board

you can use the original capacitor for this modificaton. on this picture i testet the first time with other caps.

Radios with external amplifier have a little other board, but is not difficult to find the right caps und resistors.


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