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rattling noise whenever i tried to go over 3000 rpm

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i get rattling noise whenever i tried to go over 3000 rpm mark.....everything is quite till 2900rpm then...the noise comes from the engine (?)...

once i go over 3000...the noise stops..

this is quite annoying...did anyone experience similar stuff??
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yo! what's up guys?
the reason I found this web sight is cause I have that dam noise to. I'm hopping that someone has pin-pointed it. I know if I bring it in, they will say,"I do'nt hear anything" then I will be ticked. It does'nt do it until normal running temp or 15-20min when the whole block is heated up, but then it sometimes goes away after like 50min half the time. I had a car buddie ride with me and he was'nt sure if he heard it, he said "that it was probaly my octane breaking down at higher temps which are a usual for florida but I still think it's the transmission!!! When I stomp it in auto and hang my head out the window it comes form the center of the car more than the direct front but I could be wrong. reply if you guys have any input now I have ****ty paint,ecu,trac chip,under cage on right side and possible tranny ping. Do I have to say more????????? B
Hey TJC,
I got your e-mail, eventually we will all figure this thing out if we keep posting it. Now that I know everyone else has it, it makes me kookoo when ever I hear it. Tonight a smoked an integra (98-99?) with exhaust rims and misc stickers and that dam noise took away my car and a half lenth winning glory. He gave me a thumbs up as he turned at the next light but I was'nt smiling just grinding my teeth at that dam chatter. If it is a heat shield I will be stoked but I still look to the tranny. You had a good point too, I do'nt want that trac chip next week if it's gonna make my shifts weaker than they already are. I called the rod millen shop out in Calli and they said sorry no kits for the IS only the gs300 I ask ed how much and they said like $1700.00. So i anyone has any info on how the trac chip reacts please let us know. Late B.
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