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rats - a dot.bomb casualty

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The JD Power site ( is gone. That site, along with Consumer Reports, was one of the FEW web sites where you could get truly objective ratings. I was anxiously awaiting their rating of the IS300, which was due out any time, to see how it stacked up against BMW and Audi .....
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Consumer Reports is anything but unbiased. They love a car, then they give it horrible ratings? Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining to read, but you can't take it seriously. Do you believe everything ya read?
Non - you misunderstand. Yes, the JDPower awards site is still up. But, they also had the OTHER site that provided ratings for individual vehicles (not the awards) in various area, i.e., mechanical quality, interior, etc. If you never used the site that is now down, it was far different than their "Awards" site.

Originally posted by Todd:
Try JD Power
I was a part of which was a J.D. Power Club which had a gas card that you could use anywhere for a discount of 10% to get gas! But it's over now... doh!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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