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racing stories

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ights....i was rolling down a loco road when a Camaro Z28 came out of no where... and gased it and hit the breaks...i didnt do anything bcuz he has 310 hp and me 215hp...then he waits for a while and floors it and hit the breaks...didnt do anything again...then i told myself if he does it again ill floor it too while he hits the break.... by and by.. that fool floors it and hit the breaks... and i gased... got him like 6 cars length apart...then he flys rite by me doing 100+mph... all i can say is thats a crazy mofo...mans bad thing was my car only had 258 miles on it...shoulda just ignored him... ya have any stories???

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i stretched a new Z (8 cars or so) from 70 to 155mph, but i wasn't in an IS.
haha yeah i doubt you oculd do that in an IS
i've kept up with my friend's TT Z up till almost 100 but after that he juststarted walking...
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i've just noticed you have a lot of posts mrclam.

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