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Raced a 330 lastnight.

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I was coming home from Staten Island about 4am on the Belt, when some bright ass rainbow head lights and yellow fogs come flying up in my rearveiw. As it passes me I thought it was a 328 but it was 330. First time I saw one on the road. Nice Car! Now im thinking 2 things... I can race him and report what happens on here and I can get home faster too using him. (Its a long ride when ya cousin is knocked out droolin on the fake suede) Anyway we are cruising with a Millenia at 90 changing positions and slowing down at all underpasses. Dont wanna get stopped by the New York Pricks & Dicks!
On the long straights we would hit it and would mostly stay the same, depending on who got on the gas first. One time we were getting up to about the 120's and I noticed I was pulling more and another time he did. We never went over 130. On the turns we kinda took it easy, not over doing it. And the Millenia had NO CHANCE, every turn he was getting smaller and smaller. I was impressed by both cars. First time I really pushed my car like that. Funny thing is my cousin slept the whole time, I couldn't hear the radio and my arms were numb like I hit my funny bone. ahahahahhaa Im a Wussssy! ahahaah
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Did ya see me blasting down the expressway at that time in my TL?

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NOPE! But I saw a few VW Beetles, Honda V6 coupe with some goodies and a old body style 600SL or SEL benz. The shyt was going to fast for me to see the damn tags.
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