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Well im on my way home from the movies and some asshole cuts me off in a green 3000gt comin from an off ramp. I swerve to the next lane and the next thing i know im in the middle of a race. I passed him goin like 80 and didnt think much of it, then he passes me so i was like, "that mother****er" and caught up to him. Either he was just a bitch and wouldnt do more than a hundred or his 3000 gt just sucked.. The only modification i noticed on his car was those green washer nozzle lights. The only mod i got it clear bumper lights so i guess some how we were even.. dont know much about 3000gt's cuz they stopped makin em and **** in like 1999. well thats it.. peace
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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