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First off, I would like to just give out a hollar to everyone here on this board.. I've been browsing back and forth on this site every now and then and dayam, I've got to give it up to you guys.. This is one of the best forums I've been in.. And I guess its safe to say the most sophisticated and interesting people reside on this board as well...
ok, now to my quick question. -- On the IS300 M/T or A/T ... Both equipped w/ the stock LSD.. Would the LSD still work properly and efficiently if the IS' were to be modded via force induction producing well over 400+ hp??... Or would the IS' have to be completely stripped of the stock LSD, in favor of an aftermarkent LSD... I apologize if this question has been asked already, or if a similar question has been asked.. I just hope I'm making sense to you all.. heh..
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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