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I want to upgrade to 18" wheels. I was thinking mainly after-market custom designs, possibly chrome. I'm not into the "racing style" wheels, I'm more interested in the custom luxury look. Being on a budget, I've also been looking into other factory Lexus wheels from late model cars. I've been reading stuff on the net till my eyes hurt trying to learn more about lexus wheels and my car.
What other Lexus rides have the same/similar bolt pattern and offsets? Meaning, wheels that don't need spacers, or fender shaving etc... I found a list on the net but need confirmation on its accuracy.

1992-2003 ES300, 2004-2007 ES330, 1993-2007 GS300, 1998-2000 GS400, 2001-2007 GS430, 2007 GS350 (FWD only), 2006-2008 IS250 & 350, 2001-2005 IS300, 1990-2000 LS400, 2001-2007 LS430.

About offsets: The IS300 has an offset of 48? If I put IS300 staggered wheels on, how will they look? Will the be flush w/ the fender, stick out, or be tucked in too much? If a wheel had say 4mm more of spacing does that mean it sticks out more or in more? In more right? What's the minimum and maximum of backspacing for the IS300? My car is stock height and staying that way.
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