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Okay I am just about all set for my install to begin this Saturday...I was looking through the service manual at each assembly that needs to be removed & re-installed, and I came across a couple quick questions:

1) The Lexus service manual suggests replacing the following parts, would you replace them or can I just reuse the old one?
a. Exhaust manifold gasket & 8 bolts
b. Back-up light switch gasket on the tranny extension housing
c. Filler plug gasket on the tranny case
d. Drain plug gasket on the tranny case
e. Inner lever bolt on the shift lever in the tranny extension housing

All these parts I was planning on reusing..please let me know if that is not a good idea for any of these parts....

2) Why does the service manual have you disconnecting the exhaust manifold, air intake, radiator upper hose, and exhaust system to remove the tranny? Can't I just remove the propeller shaft assembly and unbolt the tranny to have it come out?

3) What is the FIPG sealer that they recommend using between the bellhousing and the tranny case? Can I just get something at a local autopart shop for this? It looks just like a liquid sealer of some sort.


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lol its only a couple months old come on! .... my views would be .....

exhaust gasket, replace, bolts look at them are they rusty? if you are removing the manifold, they are probabbly a one time use nut that will lose its tension if you re-use it which will cause problems later on. all of the other "gaskets" are crush washers, and are probabbly on the cheap side, although i would probabbly just re-use them unless they have been re-used before then i would replace them ... eventually they will cause a leak.

when i did my trans i lef the exhaust manifold, removed the Y pipe, and the air intake. radiator hose stretched enough for me, but i could see this being a risk of breaking the plastic end tank. You will need to drop the back side of the engine way down to get the transmission the clearance it will need.

FIPG, is form in place gasket, aka silicone/gasket maker etc. i usually use Honda-bond on my projects but i'm sure the toyota/lexus is similar as are the quality ones found at the auto parts stores. just make sure you are comfortable w/ what you use, fixing a leak from that later would suck ... might be worth the extra couple bucks to re-seal it w/ what you know is the best. Oh and when i pulled my trans i never pulled the bellhousing off anyway.
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