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I put this post over in General Discussions but I have not received any replies.....I'm thinking maybe I put it in the wrong forum.....anyways....decided to post it here as is the original post:

Hi everyone.....this is my first post here.......I have been browsing around and I am amazed at how many IS fanatics there are out there. Myself I have a 2003 IS300 E-shift Intensa Blue Pearl with Black Leather interior, factory smoked tail lights and factory polished rims........and I love every second that I spend it it!!!!!

I want to attempt to do the blue light upgrade that I saw wxman talking about. I am going to try it on the guage cluster first before anything else. However, I do not want to risk messing up my original cluster just in case. I have already found another guage cluster for sale (fairly cheap) but obviously the milage is off. My questions are:

1. Do the miles of the car go with the guage cluster? In other words, will the miles that were on the cluster of the person I am buying the cluster from stay on the cluster and then become my miles? or when I plug in the new original miles will come up?

2. If I replace the cluster.....will the computer freak out and turn on some warning light or something? or will it just accept it.

Obvioulsy because it is a digital cluster the miles must be stored on a chip somewhere.....I just don't know if the chip is with the cluster or if it's somewhere else. I really would hate to lose my original's just turned 5k!!!!!

Anyways.....any help or advice that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!!
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