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Oki, i have jdm clears and need to replace a set of cheapo bulbs i bought at an autopart store. They were 9006 HB4 80w. Now, about 4 months later i can only find 55w bulbs at all auto part stores. The color is not nearly as close to the headlights, as the 80w were. I have found alot of cheapos on ebay most claim 55/65w that work like 125w or some bs. Also, for different makes of cars and at different prices. Wouldnt any 9006 bulb fit our fog???


If anyone knows a place to get reasonably priced xenon type bulbs please lemme know. Dont want to drop $65 or more for PIAA, raybrig etc. Honestly my 80w cheapos were pretty good. TIA

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