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We (me and two friends) picked up 3 IS300 in the past 2 weeks(silver, white & yellow) at Lexus of Glendale. All three have different problems.

Silver IS300(mine) : Annoying noise come from the steering wheel when the car is moving. Took it to the dealer two days ago, they couldn't fix the problem. I have to take it back to them next week.

White IS300 : 1 to 2 seconds delay(compare to the other two) when you step on the gas before the response.

Yellow IS300 : Body gap at the rear bumper section.

I had own a 94'GS300 and 97'GS400 before, and never had any probelm with Lexus. I am not sure if I will go for another Lexus in the futher ???

Here is my advise for those going to pickup their IS300 soon : make sure you drive and check the body "very carefully" before you sign the contract.

I hope you have a better luck then us....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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