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Quality of the IS300 : not up to Lexus Standard

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We (me and two friends) picked up 3 IS300 in the past 2 weeks(silver, white & yellow) at Lexus of Glendale. All three have different problems.

Silver IS300(mine) : Annoying noise come from the steering wheel when the car is moving. Took it to the dealer two days ago, they couldn't fix the problem. I have to take it back to them next week.

White IS300 : 1 to 2 seconds delay(compare to the other two) when you step on the gas before the response.

Yellow IS300 : Body gap at the rear bumper section.

I had own a 94'GS300 and 97'GS400 before, and never had any probelm with Lexus. I am not sure if I will go for another Lexus in the futher ???

Here is my advise for those going to pickup their IS300 soon : make sure you drive and check the body "very carefully" before you sign the contract.

I hope you have a better luck then us....
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sorry to hear that. Maybe they are rushing to get those things build. In that case, maybe you shouldn't buy another IS300. But you should be glad that both of your GS are fine. I think Lexus is still reliable, but just make few mistakes. People make mistakes especially when they have to check 100+ cars a day.
Good luck. Hope your problem can be solved.
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Not suprised to hear the problems. It seems that the craftmanship of Lexus cars are not as good as before. I guess they are rushing the cars out the factory.

Yes, body gaps problem seems common in IS.

My Silver IS didn't have any problem of that kind.. But there are a few scratchees here and there though most of them are very difficult to see. I guess it is not related to factory but rather the dealers, the trucks, etc..

Oh, my malfunctioned stereo unit has been replaced and the dealer makes another stupid mistake by scratching the top bin of the console.

Tell your friend with the white one to turn Traction Control to off and that delay when you step on the gas totally disappears.

That's an easy problem to fix.
We try the Traction Control already, It did not help. I just hope that Lexus will do a better job than this.
No major problems with mine, yet... There is sometimes a soft rattle coming from the driver's door area, either from the handle (where you close the door from the inside) or the window/mirror plate. It may be from the tint shop, where they might've taken off the panel to tint the window. When I go for service, I'll mention it. But my stereo is always loud, so I can't hear it unless I'm changing CD's!
Sorry to hear about your problems everyone...mine is runnig perfectly so far... the only thing i notice is the slight amount of heat eminating from the steering column after a long amount of driving... this has been noticed by many other owners as well...good luck on getting your problems resolved, everyone!
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