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Putting 18 galons into the tank?

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I was running really low on fuel this morning, so I stopped at a Sunoco gas station. Selected 94 and had to wait 10 min for the pump to fill my tank (they must've been running low on 94.) Was I surprised when the counter showed 18 Galons exactly?
The tank's capacity is only 17.5.

I feel I was "ripped off."

Is the tank's capacity exactly 17.5 galons, or is there a "reserve?"

I did let the "lady" inside know about it, but she was clueless.

No way am I going to that gas station again.
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Usually a tanks capacity does not include the amount of gas that is in the lines, u might not think so but this adds up and brings u closer to 18 gallons, that or got ripped off, w/e the case u got really lucky u made it to the gas station so be thankful for that and dont worry about the rest
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