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Putting 18 galons into the tank?

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I was running really low on fuel this morning, so I stopped at a Sunoco gas station. Selected 94 and had to wait 10 min for the pump to fill my tank (they must've been running low on 94.) Was I surprised when the counter showed 18 Galons exactly?
The tank's capacity is only 17.5.

I feel I was "ripped off."

Is the tank's capacity exactly 17.5 galons, or is there a "reserve?"

I did let the "lady" inside know about it, but she was clueless.

No way am I going to that gas station again.
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Do you folks like to ignore the warning light? The most I've gotten into my tank is 15.5 gallons, and that was after running about 15 miles with the warning light going.
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