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Putting 18 galons into the tank?

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I was running really low on fuel this morning, so I stopped at a Sunoco gas station. Selected 94 and had to wait 10 min for the pump to fill my tank (they must've been running low on 94.) Was I surprised when the counter showed 18 Galons exactly?
The tank's capacity is only 17.5.

I feel I was "ripped off."

Is the tank's capacity exactly 17.5 galons, or is there a "reserve?"

I did let the "lady" inside know about it, but she was clueless.

No way am I going to that gas station again.
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Yes, my memory served me correctly.
The specs are 17.5 galons for 2001 and 2002 models.
Putting 94 doesn't affect the performace that much. If it does, it's not really noticeable.

The pump was barely pumping, so that might've screwed up its precision, if it was set right in the first place.

I drove 318 miles on that tank, which amounts to 17.66 MPG, a bit lower than I used to get.

I did notice that when I used that same gas station previously, my MPG went down. I never ran that low on fuel before, so I had no way to know for sure if it their system was precise or not.

I did send a short e-mail to a local TV station. Who knows, they might do an investigation. It's always fun watching those people sweat on TV.
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Originally posted by lisnup65:
Just another observation as I filled up with 18 gallons before and questioned the valitity of the pumps accuracy. The pump was tested and was with in .01 of what was actually pumped.
If the same thing applies in my case, then I'm trully lucky I stopped to get gas when I did. A couple more miles, and I'd be waiting for someone to bring some gas for me.
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