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punks stealing our sunshine..

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what's the deal with all these punks coming in here and dissing on the IS ?

why do they think that the BMW 3-series will smoke the IS ? every car review I've read so far has pretty much stated that they keep up with each other. i'll admit that a sports packaged 330ci with a manual is faster, and will slightly outhandle the IS; but for the price of that, you're about half a league out of the IS, and performance isn't half a league better.

what's with people thinking that we bought the IS because of all the hype and we've made a mistake ? from driving my IS for the past 3 months, i can't see how it's a mistake to drive something so fun. and, i certainly didn't buy into it because of the hype.. i mean, i've been waiting for this car since last december, when i saw it at the SF auto show. i know many of the members of this forum waited for the IS to come out for a while as well.. now, there weren't any commercials or much press about it until january when lexus officially announced bringing it to the US. so, where's the hype ?

lets take personal experience as a reference. i've yet to see a bmw 3-series smoke me on the road. if it's wide open ahead of me, i usually see them vanishing in my rear view mirror. this is not to say that i've never been smoked in my IS. however, the only two cars i can remember that have smoked me are an NSX and some late model Jaguar.. didn't catch the model.. of course, that's the problem with a lot of european makes, isn't it ? most of them look too similar to each other..

so what's with losers with modified econo german cars coming in here and dissing on the IS ? if we want to compare apples to apples, i'm sure a modified honda with the same value in aftermarket parts can smoke them.. however, neither are lexus'es, are they ?

so, everytime i look back in my rear view mirror when i'm at the front of the stop light, and see people in other cars checking my car out, i'd have to think that i made a pretty good choice.

damn punks.. maybe they'll wake up one day and smell the shyt they're shoveling..


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Well put. We did make a damn good choice. But you know the reason for the trolls - to get a rise out of us and you know what? It works...we all flame away and they sit back in their troll cave and love every minute of it.
Can Everyone Say JEALOUSY??
What else can it be??

Some of them actually post back and forth to themselves. I think there're Funny

Wanting what they obviously can't have.

Like the better half stated,the attention this car is recieving from these Wishers is Truely Amazing...

smra the illiterate nut is back with the "jealous wishers" thing again...


school. stay in it.
I think chiem brings up a good point about most of us deciding to buy the car before it was even released. I myself knew about the Altezza in Japan for a while, and once I knew it was coming to America, I put myself on the waiting list at my local Lexus dealer about two months prior to its release. Blinded by hype? What hype?

No commercials/media prior to release= no hype

Most of us made an informed choice in buying the IS300. Some like its unique styling. Others prefer its RWD layout. Whatever the reason, We bought the best car (for us) that's out there. I tested the CL-S, a GS400, a Corvette, an M3, and a Diamante. All of them had their advantages, but the IS fit me the best; and that's all that's important to me. (slight flame bait coming up) If I wanted a front heavy, ugly exterior, Acura Accord, I would have bought a CL; but I didn't, so I got an IS. :p
(On a objective note, the CL does have a clear advantage in price, options, and the interior is very nice; but it's still based on the Accord platform, and no matter how different it may be, that would've hanged over my head.)
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Not everyone who says something bad about the IS300 is jealous; people need to stop being so sensitive. The IS300 is one of the best compact sedans today. However, acceleration time is one of the key points for sporty cars and the IS300 is not as quick as it is cracked up to be.

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There are alot of haters out there, or just plain persons that do not have the same taste. They may not be discrete about their opinions as you are, but that's bought the car for yourself, not them.

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lets put it this way, i have seen more LS430 commercials than that of IS300s, and I have yet to see an IS300 ad in any type of magazine or newspaper (tell me if you've seen any, I want them) so where's the hype? a member of this board has gotten 7.1 seconds with a gtech, now assuming that gtech is .1-.2 off that leaves either a 7.3 or a 6.9 0-60 time and it is close enough to say it is not impossible. the only hype i've seen was on this forum, where us enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting its arrival and dreaming up what might come with it, and some import tuner mags did articles prior to release, and thats it, no media blitz by Lexus, no commercials that ran every other break, no ads in every magazine, and still not many ads or commercials.
and then you have idiots who say my modded this or that will take an IS, ok what if I took that Supra engine in my IS and did something to it? and then they say the tailights are ricey, gee...who are the idiots putting them on their cars? oh wait, could it be? Honda owners?
they steal CL-S badges and put them on regular CL's does that make the badge ricey?
of course not (if you say that then you are a friggin hypocrit) and then there are ppl like Atomic who just hate Lexus owners since we are all spoiled brats who think they are bad, he bashed a GS owner who took his car to the track to watch, yet did not say anything about the owner of that celica(or whatever) who did not run his car. He bashed the IS before even sitting in one and I still dont know if he's ever seen one close up.

so what do we chalk it up to? people who have other cars and feel a need to attack owners of (what they see as) the competition, the enemy. so what is it? ego? insecurity? little dick syndrome? it doesnt matter because its all a symptom of "you have something that is as good and possibly better that what i have", which can be summed up as Jealousy. and why the hell aren't they at their own forums? if they love their cars so much how come they spend more time here than driving it? i thin kppl come here because its members (well, the majority) arent as juvenile and immature as other forums, that and we are not a bunch of punks in lawnmower sounding golf cart economy cars who think they can beat anything short of a stealth bomber. if we wanted to race our cars and we did some mild mods, maybe intake, headers, exhaust we would walk by you like a pile of dog excrements on the sidewalk.
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Jealousy is a bit much- maybe admiration? This can be compared to doing mean things to girls while you're in grade school becuase you don't know how to express your feelings.

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I don't admire your car nor am I jealous. However without being flamed here, It's been my experience where I live that every single owner of an IS300 i've come across has carried a very ignorant and arrogant attitude on the road. My car is heavily modified and why is it that almost every IS300 that has stepped up to me has thought they could smoke me on the road?

I'm sorry to say but I find absolutely nothing prestigious about owning a Lexus. You all may flame me for driving a VW but my choice was made because I actually wanted a second rate german automobile! I enjoy driving my pile of **** because I get a kick out of smoking cars that cost 10's of thousands of dollars more than mine. My interest doesn't lie in some fake image of luxury that, unfortunantly in my experience, has been the image of most younger Lexus owners. I'm well aware of my car not meeting alot of standards...but then half of you flame me because I don't own a Lexus like it's the bomb **** auto authority in luxury! As an auto enthusiast I clearly respect cars like Mercedes and BMW who have spent decades perfecting performance and luxury. It's what they have done since day one. I just don't see being jealous of a sister company of Toyota created only to find a niche in the luxury world for cash.

This is why i'm not a fan of the IS300. It's may very well be a "LEXUS" to you all and that's cool...but to me it's just another attempt at a Japanese automaker to drive away sales from the clearly dominate European luxury market.

Flame away....
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Repeat after me: competition is good.

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everyone is entitled to their own opinions. but i just wonder why you come into a forum dedicated to a certain car and state your negative opinions? i'm a car enthusiast and i try to keep an open mind about all types of cars. i just find it weird that you want to try and put down a car based on some owners attitudes or by your own beliefs.

if you love your car, then great. if we love ours, then great. but please don't come here trying to tell us that it's not a good car in your opinion and expect us not to be fine with it. i just think that you should really drop the subject already and move on. you have already said your piece and i think that you are entitled to your opinion. i have been a part of many other car forums and this kind of thing just upsets people. this is one of the reasons why i stopped visiting all the other forums i was involved with.

you are not going to change anyone's opinion here, and we are not going to change your opinion of your car. so what's the sense of arguing with us or posting your comments here???

let's keep this a little more civilized and move on with our lives...even though i have no real life anyway.

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I think that inhaling all of the grease from the burgers that you flip has clouded your judgement. Like I said before. It is very obvious that you don't know squat. GO AWAY. back to the VW bug...Bus...Thing..or squareback site.

I don't flip burgers..

I design websites!
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u ppl are morons. anyone who bashes the is300 isn't a "Jealous Wisher" (as smra and his/her 3rd-grade writing level put it), nor do we have some latent admiration or envy for the car. jesus christ, get over yourselves -- what a ridiculous and arrogant attitude to carry around. no wonder nobody here has a sense of humor (except agent smith, the little biznitch).

i like the is300, yes; like i said before, i almost bought one. it's a fine car, but the cl-s suited me better. it's simple as that. i poke fun at you flowers because it's fun, and slinging BS back and forth at one another is all part of being an "enthusiast." in fact, you can find the same behavior across products: computers, mountain bikes, stereos, you name it. it goes with being a fan and owner of something, because unless your made of cash, that "something" precluded you from buying other "somethings" that compete with yours. as a result, alliances form and we have this stupid back and forth banter that you ppl take way, WAY too seriously. nobody ever called the is300 a bad car, as that would be just plain stupid. it's a fine car, one of the best out there, just not as good as the cl-s FOR ME. in no way do i wish i had an is300 instead of my acura.

numbskulls like smra and his/her ape-speak need to get this through the ol' noggin.
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HA...Downloading porn to your geocities webpage does not make you an web designer.....Now drop some fries in the grease damnit..

Originally posted by QuikVR6:
I don't flip burgers..

I design websites!
you'd upload content to a remotely-hosted webpage, not download

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LOL indeed you would geoff...indeed you would.
Originally posted by geoff:
u ppl are morons.

Now, Geoff, please don't stereotype.

Most of understand the banter...Some of us get more annoyed with it than others, that's all...Shall we kiss, fruitpie?
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