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2014 IS350, F package. 6X,XXX miles on it. Did a really good break job first time; turned original rotors, EBC Red pads, completely flushed the entire system with Amsoil fluid. Within 20,000 miles, brakes were pulsating and felt like a warped rotor. Pads were still practically brand new.

This time, installed brand new rotors all around, cleaned up the surface of the pads on a very flat surface, and bled the brakes. Within 10-15,000 miles of this, pedal started pulsating again like warped rotor.

This time, brand new rotors checked (they were fine). Installed brand new pads (even though the Red's were still in great shape). Again, within 10,000 miles, the pedal is now pulsating again and it's horrible.

It's not the rotors. They are not warped. Pads are fine. The driver is not hard on brakes by any stretch of the imagination.

What would you do next?
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