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Where do you guys look when determining what intervals to change your fluids? I'm looking at differential fluid now... but seeing different things in different places. In the car's manual it says to change it every 64,000kms. One time I was talking to a service advisor at Don Valley Lexus and he said you should change it every 48,000 kms. Now I'm looking at the service schedule on Lexus' website and it says every 30,000kms!

Are dealer's purposely shortening service intervals to get you into their service centers more often?

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Service advisors (most) do not understand that in Canada, we use the severe service schedule. This is due to the extreme hot and cold weather driving. Also stop and go driving of the big city plays havoc with fluids. Servere service is usually sooner than normal service. I'm not sure where they get there information from. I am looking at printed, documented and verified information for what is listed below. This should match your owner's manual. Make sure you are not refrencing miles instead of Kilometers.

Proper severe service intervals are:
2001 - 2004 48 months/ 96,000km's for Differentials (includes Limited slip)
2005 (limited slip) 72 months/ 96,000km's
24 months/ 48,000km's for Manual Transmissions
24,000 months/ 48,000 km's for Clutch Fluid
48 months/ 96,000km's for Automatic Transmissions
2001 - 2003 24 months/ 48,000km's for Coolant
2004 - 2005 first one at 120 months/ 160,000km's for Hybrid coolant - then every 60 months/ 80,000km's after that.
2001 - 2005 - Brake fluid changed 24 months
Cabin Air filter - 12 months/ 24,000 km's (pending driving conditions)
Air filter - 12 months/ 24,000 km's (pending driving conditions)
Power Steering fluid - no recommendation given
Transmission Filter - permenant filter media (not required)
Gas Fuel Filter - Permenant filter media (attached to fuel pump unit in tank)
Tires - every 8,000 km's (or usually every oil change) pending staggered set up (Like sports cross) or direction tires.
Wiper Blades - twice a year or seasonally between winter and spring
Serpentine Belt - evry 96,000 km's
Spark Plugs - every 96,000 km's
Timing Belt - every 144, 000 km's

Fluid types and quantities
Differential - 80W90 - GL5 - 1.1 Litres
Manual Trans - 75W90 - GL4 - 2.6 Litres
Brake Fluid - Dot 3 or Dot 4
Clutch Fluid - Dot 3 or Dot 4
Coolant - Green or Red - Ethylene Glycol - 7.9 Litres
Coolant - Yellow - Toyota Super Long Life Coolant (Hoat or G-05) - 7.9 Litres
Power Steering fluid - ATF/ Dexron 3 or universal PS - 3 litres
Automatic Trans - Type T iv - 2.4 Litres drain and fill/ Dry fill is 8 Litres
Wiper Blades - 20" Passenger side/ 22" Drivers Side
Serpentine Belt size - 5060760 (universal size number)
Of course you guys are free to listen to all of the bad information out there, and incorrect service intervals, as each dealer has a vested interest to bring you in and perform services at unnessesary intervals.

Just saying do some research first, before handing the keys over to your service provider.

Just my opinion. I did this list quickly, and can not ensure accuracy or errors.

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I would do the tranny and diff every 50k regardless of what the manual says. The toyota dealer charged me about $120 for both. Seems like good prevention. That stuff looks and smells pretty evil at 100k.
I would do the brake fluid every 2 years - don't care about miles.
I would do the coolant every 2 or 3 years - don't care about miles.
Power steering - I just suck out the reservoir and swap that a couple of times every 2 years.
Synthetic motor oil - 8k
Dyno motor oil - 5K
This is when I am outside the warrantee. If the warrantee is still on I just let the dealer do what they do to keep it valid.
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