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Here are instructions from vlad-a for removing a stuck/jammed CD.

If someone knows where to put it, here are the instructions:

The CD removing procedure is extremely simple.

Put some masking tape to the left and right of the CD player so you don't scratch the plastic when removing the CD player. Also, move gear shifter as far back as possible. Remember to apply the parking brake first. Put some masking tape on the shifter ball, as the CD player may scratch it during removal process.

Remove the Trac-OFF pannel by pulling on it.

Remove the "Lint Collector" by the means of a flat object, also protected by the masking tape not to scratch the plastic.

Remove 2 screws holding down the vents below the "Lint Collector" (phillips).

Pull off the vents.

Put masking tape on the dash above and under CD player/AC Conrol unit, so the area that may end up being scratched by the metal sides is fully covered.

Remove 4 screws holding the CD player and the climate control (10mm).

Move the unit forward to remove connectors in the back.
Make sure all of the points contacting with plastic are secured by the masking tape.

Now that the unit is removed, take off the metal sides holding down climate control and CD changer.

Remove 2 (3?) screws on the side of the top pannel on the CD changer.

Remove top cover by prying it open with a flat screwdriver.

You will see a CD inside that has shifted.

Simply move it back into the correct position by sliding it with your finger.

Close the CD player and put everything back together.

You are all set - no need to change the CD changer unit, for the other one will not be any better than the original.
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