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Ok, so its 11:50pm Fl time and im just leaving a party and i see a yellow mustang GT haul ass, It sounded mean, so i catch up to this mean mustang GT it has the body style of a 97-98, as drive past my passenger goes " Whoa that girl is hot" so i look over and he is correct. It is a really hot blonde girl driving this nice mustang gt. So i say "hey, nice car, what you got in their?" she says "306" i say "nice, wanna go" she smiles, So we go from a 20-25mph roll and we punch it, within the first few seconds i had 1/2 a car we keep going, @ 45mph i had a car, @ 70 mph i had 2 cars
around 100mph i had 2 1/2 to 3 cars on her!!!! I slowed down and she flew by, i didnt want another ticket in case a cop was after this hill we were coming upon. She slows down @ the next light and says "why from a roll, do you know how launch?" i said "yes, now lets go from a dig" nest light we get @ we were about to gobut, there was a cop,(good thing i slowed down, lucly us) so @ the next light we go @ it. I launched @ 3100rpm and had almost not tire spin, she on the otherhand had alot, so rightoff the bat i had about a car, then i just kept gaining on her ass, by 85mph i had like 4 cars!!!....We slowed down so tlak she said if she wouldnt have spun her tires she wouldve won. I then waved to her and said goodnight. (i should have got her number) damit, but my passenger snapped a few shots for me.....(i later found out while looking @ my pics of the race, i had left the AC on low.... :lol: )

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