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What year is your car? 02 and newer need no inspection for 2004. If you do need to get inspected there is no visual on 1996 and newer, just OBD scan. If your car has no obd issues then it will pass with a quick pug in and scan of the computer. Here is the info from the site and the link is
What tests will be done?

All 1996 and newer vehicles subject to vehicle emission inspections will receive a two-part inspection - click here for complete information regarding the OBD test

An OBD test to check your vehicle’s emission control performance history.
A fuel cap inspection to check for adequate seal.
If an OBD test is unable to be performed on a vehicle, it may be necessary to perform a Two-Speed Idle test (TSI).

All 1995 and older model year vehicles will receive a four-part inspection:

A visual inspection of the catalytic converter to check for tampering or removal.
ASM2 or Accelerated Simulation Mode Test - A dual-mode test including a 25/25 test = 25 lbs. of load at 25 MPH and a 50/15 test = 50 lbs. of load at 15 MPH.
A tailpipe exhaust emission test.
A fuel cap inspection to check for adequate seal.
An inspector can reject a vehicle for testing if it is considered unsafe to test. And, if the test has already begun when the safety problem is detected, the inspector may charge the full price of the test.
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