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CARB legal too would be nice, if you want to sell it better with the CA IS owners a CARB legal kit would pretty much sell. For me the cops can't search your ECU, but one glance under the hood and *POW* fix it ticket or worse yet, have to go to the ref.

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some cops here are total a-holes. one guy made me go to the state referee for a stupid intake filter. wrote me up for a "gross polluter". and then i go to the referee and he says my supra was running like it was "off the showroom floor" of course i turned off the boost controller.
but it was such a hassle to go there and then go to court. oh, and then the cop told me that i couldn't drive the car until it was taking care of. and if they caught me driving a "gross polluter" without the proper paperwork, they'd impound my car. what a stupid system we have here.

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