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Pre-SEMA sale on IPT Motorsports True Mold Series Carbon Fiber Replacement Parts

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<img align="left" src="/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7&stc=1" HSPACE="5" VSPACE="5" ALT="">One of our newest sponsors, <a href="">IPT Motorsports</a>, is extending introductory pricing on their carbon fiber replacement engine piece kits to IS300.NET members. These are real carbon fiber molded pieces and include: cam gear cover, engine cover with L emblem, fuse box cover, and the 2 relay covers. <a href=>Click here to see pics of all the IS pieces.</a><P>

This introductory offer will end November 8th, 2002. After that, retail pricing will be set! This is a one time deal, straight from the manufactuer so act fast if you want in on this great opportunity. To get in on the discounted pre buy visit their <a href="">order page</a>.<P>

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<b>Who is IPT?</b> : IPT Motorsports is an automotive performance parts and accessories company. We innovate high-quality, after-market products that are hand crafted and custom fit to manufacturer specs. IPT combines superior customer service with the finest automotive performance products. IPT’s current product line, VELOCITY.ONE(V.1), consists of True Mold carbon fiber products specifically tuned for the import automotive industry. True Mold is Precision Composite Processing ensuring each product is made with the strongest, lightest composite materials available. True Mold Composites are the same as those found in Formula One Racing. Today V.1 products are available for Toyota Celica, GT, GTS, Supra TT, ’02 Honda Civic Si, S2000, Acura RSX, NSX, and the Lexus IS300.<P>

<b>Innovation</b> : IPT innovates exotic products developed for the hi performance vehicle. We design products that maximize engine dress, style, and performance. Many of the products from the IPT Engineering team are unique after-market components.<P>

<b>Performance</b> : IPT True Mold is the same composite processing utilized in Formula One Racing. True Mold Composites are lighter than aluminum and pound for pound structurally stronger than steel, optimizing the synergy of strength and performance.<P>

<b>Technology</b> : “True Mold - Precision Composite Processing” - The IPT True Mold Process guarantees that every product is crafted with precision using the most advanced composite technologies. True Molded products use the same carbon fiber prepreg materials used in Formula One racing, making the lightest, strongest composite products available. True Molded products have a toughened epoxy thermo-set resin system that is UV and heat resistant, providing a durable surface finish. Every IPT True Mold product is autoclave processed for maximum structural integrity and finished with a 5 axis CNC trimming for a superior fit and smooth surface texture.<P>

For more information on IPT products and services please visit their website at , or contact them by phone at 877.414.2368.


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^^^Are these guys still around? I think not, just looking to get some CF covers!
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