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Yes, it would be nice if every car Lexus made was perfect. But lets be honest with ourselves here, it will never be perfect. You cannot expect any car to be problem free, even a Lexus.Per every 100 cars made Lexus has the least number of problems. I happened to see that on the news when I was in San Diego back in March.

A few days ago my radio had the all familiar "ERROR3" I am awaiting a new radio to come in and be replaced. I'm not thrilled it hapened but I am far from being pissed off. After reading many posts about the similar problem it made me more aware of the problem and I was able to be more carefull. So when it happened I was not surprised, just alittle dissapointed. I would like to think my IS will never have problems but it will, and that's another reason I bought a Lexus. They have a great warranty, and great service. They kiss your butt when your pissed about a problem.

I have heard worse horror stories about other cars, thats when I know I did not make the wrong choice. I have spoken to many friends that own BMW's, and they have many electrical problems. Such as the sunroof will not open or close, alarm will not arm right away, radios shutting off while diving, and various similar problems.

Just take it easy, yes it's a pain and hassle to have to go waste your time at the dealer, but that's all a part of being a car owner. Take it easy, worry about more important things.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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