Cleaning out my garage after completing my 1J swap. I changed direction on my engine management, decided to run the Aristo fuel pump hanger and stuck with my Figs subframe bushings. Buyer pays shipping for all items.

  1. Quantum-Auto/All4Swap Automatic Transmission Emulator (ATEMU) $75.00
  2. Gas Font Electric blue Electrical wiring Cable
  3. OEM IS300 Fuel Hanger assembly with return fittings and submersible hose - $100.00
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    Automotive tire Gas Cable Font Automotive wheel system

  4. Strongflex 90 durometer hardness subframe bushings (Never fully installed due to a lack of proper pressing tools.) - $60.00
    Eye Wood Iris Automotive tire Button

    Eye Toy Automotive tire Road surface Wood

  5. Mishimoto 34mm coolant temp sensor housing for IS300/Supra upper coolant hose - $15.00
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