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okay i don't think this has been done but i hope i am the first(actually second) to think of it.

to bring us garage members closer, we should post pics of what we look like just to get an idea of who we are talking to.

(from some of you guys in the PL, this is where i got the idea from.)

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okokok, my first pic was gay so here goes.

Incase you guys were curious, it was taken on New Years06. We were trying to make a "2 0 0 6" with our hands, but my retardedly drunk cousins on the sides didn't know who was what number and so forth.


HAPPY NEWYEAR! - 2002 :confused:

I'm the one in the middle

I'm 19

No, I'm not high.. my eyes just go chink when im drunk :cool:
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