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I'm happy with the rims on my car now, but I have been dropping my jaws when I look at IS300s with 19s.
So I am putting my rims up for offer.
I only put about 2000 miles on them since I just got them on August.
I wore out the original REAR P-Zero Rosso and I switched them to AVON ZZ1 which have 99.99% tread . The front tires are still P-zero rosso and they have about 80% tread.
Here are the sizes-
Front 18 * 8 offset 38
Rear 18 * 9 offset 45
Front - P-Zero Rosso - 225 40 18
Rear - Avon ZZ1 - 245 40 18

NOTE - The rear fenders will require rolling

Just a reminder, I really like these rims and I don't mind keeping them, but if I get a good enough offer, I will sell them. I live in So Cal (San Gabriel Valley) so if you wanna see the rims (if you already haven't) just let me know.
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