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poll: please help...

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me out by answering a couple of quick questions for me:

1. cost of 15K service:
2. Type of loaner car given:

Just seeing the general consensus of the Lexus dealerships to see if I'm getting screwed. Thanks

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both time i got a ES 300, haven't got my 15k yet.

maybe next time i will request the RX300.
I'm only at 8,300 miles, but I called my dealership and they said the 15,000 mile service is $330.00. As for the loaner, I either get the ES or the RX. I have a nice blue RX today.
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I was quoted 285 for the 15K service and my dealer always provides a loaner if the wait is going to be awhile. Matter of fact, I will be taking my car for its 15K service tomorrow.

Park Place Lexus of Grapevine TX
MMMMMM. Things ARE cheaper in Texas. Let's see, if it's $330 in Chicago it's probably $395 up here.
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