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My experience w the rattling

My experience... I don't know if the noise on your car is from this...

When I first installed my short shifter, I did not hear too many sounds coming from there. After a year or so, I decided to change my leather boot... so I opted for the MOMO one that resembles the suede interior from the door.

When I installed that boot, I started to hear the noises really loud... the whizzing sound. It got kinda annoying after a while and so I checked to see if the thinner material of the boot caused the problem. When I looked closer, the black rubber cover inside there was supposed to wrap over another matal piece so that it will suppress the sound. It came loose... that's why it was making such a loud sound. I just wrapped it back around the piece and the noise was gone.

I wish I had photos to illustrate this, but if you look closely, it's the only rubber cylindrical piece that is on the shifter. I initially thought it wouldn't matter if it is snug in there or not... but I guess it does.
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