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First of all, I'm from the Netherlands, so my english is not so good, sorry for that.

I start this topic for my dad. He has purchase a Black IS 250. In february or march he wil have the car officialy.
Now he is looking for new wheels for under the car, in 17inch or 18inch, he is not sure about the size he wants. I say 18inch :cool:

He want polish wheels, not chrome or silver color.
I think that polish/black wheels are very nice under a black IS 250. But that is something for every person different.

- Now is my qeustion, are here people that have pictures of a black IS 250, with polish 17/18 inch rims???
- And maybe also pictures of a black IS 250 with polish and black (so 2 colors in one wheel) color 17/18 inch rims???

If you do, please post them here. And if you know some nice wheels for under the IS 250, post them to.
Already thank you!!!

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