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If you like the sound of the factory head unit, then you'll probably be ok with the sound of a high end aftermarket headunit using its onboard amp. I personally don't think the sound quality of the stock amp is much better than a nice aftermarket headunit. Not saying the SQ from the stock amp is bad, it's just comparable to a nice aftermarket onboard amp.

As for features, I also love the features the factory head unit has and I don't think any aftermarket headunit has quite the same feature set of our stock headunit, so you'll probably have to sacrifice some of the features of the stock headunit if you go with aftermarket. However, I will admit, many LCD headunits out there look REALLY COOL and have some nice features as well. It all depends on the features you use most.

And then there is the question of install. The minimum you'll have to do if you go with an aftermarket headunit is replace the rear speakers. The front speakers should handle the power of an afermarket onboard amp just fine. And of course you'll have to wire everything to bypass the stock amp, but that's not that big of a deal.

Your other option is to get an aftermarket amp as well as an aftermarket headunit. That's where more work comes in, and replacing front and rear speakers is advised.

One last note, I've had my stock headunit for just about 2 years now and no CD jams (knocking on wood), so you might get lucky and get a non-defective stock headunit off ebay.

Anyway, hope this helps you decide.....
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