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Please help me!

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The dealer told me (we know how reliable they are) the the only difference for 02' would be the 5-speed. If this is the case, I will go ahead and buy. My question is this: Are the seats that bad that I would want to wait and make sure FULL leather is not an option?

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Full leather will be an option.

Have you sat in the Escaine/Leather seats? I don't have a problem with them... Buy what you like.
I think:
Auto up/down windows will be available for all windows, not just driver.
Different rims/suspension (not sure)

I personally don't like the full leather on the IS.
After sitting in the leather escaine I fell in love with it...very comfortable does not burn your azz when its hot, you dont sweat on the seats if your wearing shorts, very soft, has great amout of grip when cornering and looks very chic and sporty.

my .02
I personally like the EscaineLeather seats. They don't get hot in the sun, and they "grip" you much better than leather will (important for cornering).

Other 2002 changes to note:
1. New Larger Armrest/Center console.
2. Navigation option.
3. Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with compass.

Also the IS300M (manual) will get some additional changes,
4. IS300M gets stiffer suspension.
5. IS300M gets color coordinated steering wheel.

I might have left out some differences, but those are the main ones.
I have sat in them - I have driven the car. But some people on this board said the seats are not holding up well. What do you think?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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