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I have up for sale is my poineer dvh-p7000 and the matching deq-p7000.
all items are mint and include everything. manual, remotes, ect. and original boxes.

The DVH-P7000 plays DVDs, CDs, AM/FM radio, and is XM ready. It also has an optical output for Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1 Dual Zone gives you the freedom to listen to either an XM, FM, or AM station, while your passengers in the back enjoy the latest in Hollywood DVD.

DVD Player / Receiver with Dual Zone Capabilities
DVD Player Features:

DVD/Video CD/CD Player
DVD-R/RW & CD-R/RW Compatible
96kHz/24-bit D/A Converter (DVD)
Optical Digital Output for DEQ-P7000 Multi-Channel Audio Processor (Dolby® Digital™/DTS™/Dolby Pro Logic)
Composite Video Output (Front + Rear)
RCA Audio Output (Rear)
Dual Zone (Two Different Sources)
Operation for Front & Rear
Receiver Features:
Organic EL Display (128 x 33 pixels)
MOSFET50 (50W x 4 - Channel High Power)
XM Ready
EEQ Performance Chip with Parametric EQ
SFEQ Performance Chip with Independent Front/Rear Bass & Treble
Two-Way Crossover (HPF & LPF)
Hi-Volt RCA Preouts x2 pair (4V - Front & Rear or Subwoofer)
IP-Bus System Control (XM Satellite Radio, TV Tuner, DEQ-P7000, MCD or Auxiliary Unit Control)
Remote Control
Detachable Face Security™

Experience the feeling of being front-row, center at the movie theater or your favorite concert. Hear the band jammin' in front of you as you hear the roar of the crowd from behind. The Built-in DolbyDigital or DTS surround sound processing makes it happen! High power for easy system addition, no amplifiers required. Center channel power output included equal power to all speakers for surround sound. Or you can get the most out of your system by upgrading with amplifiers. The Hi-Volt discrete (not chip-type) outputs provide the very best sound quality to power your system to new heights.

Dolby®Digital/DTS™ Surround Sound Audio Processor for the DVH-P7000

5.1 Multi-Channel Audio Processor
Dolby®Digital/DTS™/Dolby Pro-Logic Decoder/Linear PCM Decoder
48kHz / 24-bit 6-Channel DAC & 6-Channel DSP
Digital Sound Control (6 mode)
Time Alignment & Speaker Set-Up Mode
4.1-Channel Down Mixing Processor
MOSFET50x5 High Power (Front, Rear, Center)
EEQ Performance Chip with Parametric EQ
Optical Digital Input (DVH-P7000)
IP-Bus Input & Output
6-Channel Hi-Volt Pre-outs (Front L & R, Rear L & R, Center, Subwoofer) (5V)
1-Day Backup Memory

Both of these units are meant to work with each other and they are the bomb. These units are bad ass and do it all. i am selling becuase i just got a alpine F1 Status head unit and dsp unit.

asking 450.00 plus shipping for the head unit. and 250.00 plus shipping for the digital deq processor. 650.00 for the pair including shipping.

pm me for any questions. there are more pictures i here. under black lexus.


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yeah but good luck finding the pair for 650.00 shipped. and no tv, tv is a very big waste in cars due to the fact u only get one or two stations


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SanDiegoLexus said:
u mean you want a screen. not a tv tuner. you need to understand the terms befor you start using them

DO you have any info for me on how to install an 02' NAV housing and TV Screen & DVD in an 01'....

I may need some of these parts you are selling....
But you never get back to my PM's??????? Let me know if you can help me or not......


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no, you need to understand how to read before you make replys such as the one you did. I said i wanted a TV implying a screen NOT a tuner. :shame: :roll:

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thats what i said. read the entire post over again then read what u said and it should make good sense and please stop posting here. im trying to sell something

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