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picts of lowered car with 18s

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i still havent gotten my scanner fixed, but heres some picts:

i ordered a blitz grille but its taking forever to get here...hopefully they didnt forget my order
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Hey do those cute girls come with the lowering package
~ otherwise very niiiice!
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ohhhhh that's pretty....

oh by the way, your car looks great too!
Originally posted by wazzup:
hey how low did you go...front and back?
anyway I got the H&R springs which are listed at 1.4 and 1.3...but its more like 2. just whatever the wheel gap is since it doesnt tuck, but it has no more gap.
The dealership threw in the girls with my butt heater option.
and just think--I was planning to do without the heated seats. BTW who was your salesperson--maybe I can get the same deal?
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Dang..FoRgEt THe H&R springs..GimMme Da FiOne GirLLiEs!!! SHOoooOoOOOot...
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What did you do to the side markers? They look like they were removed and the holes plugged.

On a side note, what do y'all think of converting the side marker to a turn signal (i.e., make it blink)?

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It looks like the one in front is lowered more than the one in the rear. I guess they really like your 18", eh?
haha, good sense of humor...
i think he once mentioned that he painted over these side markers instead of removing them...
Hey that looks like 10s I've been getting since I got my IS300
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