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hi all,
i just thought that i would share these pics i took w/you guys...who have the great taste... This' the Skyline that is sitting in a local performance shop in Seattle... Yes, in the States... here's the link:
Please give feedbacks... thanks.
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Isn't that Mikey's Skyline? And Jack's Mirage/Lancer? How come there's no picture of Jack's Skyline?

Oh yeah... nice pics.
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you're right!

hey, u from seattle? which one is your IS??? but when i went there that day, jack's R33 wasn't there...
hmm..i wonder what kinda wax mikey uses...
here's my ride:
i know...IS is better but i still love my ride...
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Yep, I'm from Seattle. I have the Spectra Blue Mica IS. But as for the wax... I think Mikey's Skyline would look tyte with K-mart wax. daYAm! I love that car...

Oh, and you should love your car... it's hella nice. I especially like your gauges.
thanks and indeed, k-mart wax rocks! post some pics of your ride!!!
Man that Skyline's front lip is like less than an inch off the ground!?! How the heck does he drive it over speed bumps hehe... it's impossible with a lip that low... I mean if he hit a rock on the freeway or something I dunno what would happen

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Hm...that R34 is beautiful!!!

Mercedes-Benz 400SE
Pearl Grey/Black
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