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Went to L-Sportline today and got to get the run down on their IS products. Body kit wise, as we all know is already in stock and available. The front spoiler lip that is listed in their catalog is still currently under development. Ryan Alfonso, who I talked to, told me that they are planning on making the front spoiler lip compatable w/ their L-sportline bumper and one that will be compatable w/ the stock bumper. He did not have any pics for me. He did say that it will have carbon fiber piece to it. Similar to the RMM one.

Suspension wise, they are still waiting on their sport kits, springs, and coilover kits but should be here soon. No eta as of yet.

Exhaust wise, Ryan said they are in stock and available through L-Sportline dealers. He fired up the car so I could hear it and it sounded perfect. Just as a Lexus should. Very quiet w/ a very slight low rumble. Nothing like the other IS300 exhausts out now (HKS, 5Zigen, etc). Thank god. I really hate that pingy tin can sound. One thing he did say is that it is not compatible w/ the stock rear bumper. He said it will stick out too far. But I want a second opinion on that. He also could not quote me any HP gains as they have not dynoed it yet.

Wheels wise, this is where I get excited, they just arrived at their wherehouse today and I got the first set of silver ones. I went to Spreewell Racing, just down the street, and bought a set. The only bummer is that Spreewell could not mount and install them today because they were so busy w/ a photo shoot. So I have to go back Monday. I will post pics then!!!

Ryan was cool enough to let me take some pics of their car and spent about an hour w/ me answering my questions and just conversing about the IS. He said that most of their items are manufactured in Japan and that they sell most of their stuff in Japan because of the huge market their.

To see the pics, just click on my link and enjoy.

Great info, got some wheels, whatta day.

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