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Pics of My GGP w/ TTE Spoiler Lip

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Finally my digital camera came in.

Here are my long awaited pics of my TTE Spoiler and some others.

Lighting is not the best but they work. Will post better ones when my suspension is in.
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GS430...yeah it is. It is my buddies car. Super nice car. Really fast too.

glex...I paid somewhere around 300 for it. I think pricing has come down on it lately though. I bought it at CEC in Santa Monica, California. I also got it painted on my own and then took it back to be installed by CEC. They did a great job. Talk to Hee Kim, he is really helpful and honest.
Originally posted by is300soon:

Where did u find ur car, its rare in cali to have a GGP with LSD and heated seats!!! IM SOOOOO upset now
My car was actually a dealer trade from Colorado. I got it at Longo Lexus. I know there are others on here in California w/ the same, but it is rare.
I didn't think I would use the heated seats in Ca. but I do during the winter months. The Limited Slip is great too.
Thanks for all the compliments guys.
I have a friend who works for Lexus and he called me and told me that thye had just gotten the car in off the truck. So i just lucked out. I had to jump on it right away.
About you ordering one, I have no idea how that works. I know you can ask the dealer to find you one. Hopefully they do for your sake. Good luck.

I got my spoiler from CEC in Santa Monica, California. Talk to Hee Kim. He is really helpful.
Just testing out the image posting. Sorry if it does not work.

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Someone help...Why did the pic not show up?
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