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Pics of my Custom sound System

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Finallly my sound system is completed after 2 1/2 months of on and off work. Well please feel free to post and comments or questions and I will reply as soon as i can. And on more thing, if you liked what I have done to my car please vote for me on my web page. Thanks and enjoy.[email protected]__&page_id=28885&make_type_query=make=Lexus&model_brand_query=model=all_models&tree=Lexus%20(all%20models)
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Originally posted by IS3:

real aluminum kit
24pc factory match - sale price $200.48
28pc - sale price $191.57

or you can try...

carbon fiber kit
28pc - sale price $191.25
24pc factory match - sale price $183.75

hope this does help...

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whats the difference between the 24pc and the 28pc aluminum kit??

Originally posted by IS3:
24pc- no 4 door panel trim
28pc- all piece
you like carbon fiber or aluminum kit?
i am thinking getting the aluminum brush kit..

is installation a breeze??
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