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Pics of my Custom sound System

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Finallly my sound system is completed after 2 1/2 months of on and off work. Well please feel free to post and comments or questions and I will reply as soon as i can. And on more thing, if you liked what I have done to my car please vote for me on my web page. Thanks and enjoy.[email protected]__&page_id=28885&make_type_query=make=Lexus&model_brand_query=model=all_models&tree=Lexus%20(all%20models)
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Thanks for the comments, but the system did cost me alot, usually this kind of custom labor including material ie. MDF wood vinyl plexi, fiber glass and black cloth would run around $3500-$5000, just for the custom labor, exclude the equipment. I luckly got a good deal, which was about $2500 everything included with equipment, however i promised my friend this would be a show car and go into sound offs and competitions. Well glad you people like it. 600 watts of bass from PPI amps just rattle my entire car, even though its super dynamatted. thanks for the comments.
GOTTURBO My friends shop usually does custom work. If you are going for a bass tube you could try out Good Guys in glendale or Als and Eds stero. My other option is for you to go buy the Recylcer Ad for LA county and check under the Rims and Audio section, which have great discount on subs with boxes, or even package deals which includes subs box
amp and maybe a headunit. But do check out the Recycler for great prices or for greater selection on Audio stores. I am sure you dont want to go to my place which will run thousands of $$$$$$. Thanks, and hope this helps.
gator_blue, well my eq and the crossover have not been tuned yet, but i think i am running all high level tuner because i am bridgeing both my subs and component. I bought 4 ohm woofer so the ppi amps are bridge into 4 ohms max so that i am able to run 600 watts. for all i know is that my highs/lows have not been set up yet but will be by this weekend.
For the cable harness, i just used a converter that was able to give me rca connections for the factory head.
As for the door panel, its fairly simple to take out. Its just like to toyota camerys. remover the screws from the slots and push up and away. Becareful of the tweeter wires which are connected to the factory mids. If you plan to change your mid/tweeter you will need to make a custom holder or just a simple ring for the mids. Lexus made one for the factory but to bad it is attached to the midranger and cannot be removed.
Hope this helps.
For a custom built box for the IS it should range from $250-1500. For simple box made out of MDF wood flused into the rear seats wraped in cloth and enclosed with a plexi window should be about $200-$250. But if you wanna go high tech ie. fiber glass, it could run up to $500-1000.
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