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pics of brushed aluminum and carbon fiber dash kit

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pics of brushed aluminum dash kit and carbon fiber kits

along with a shadow sheet

one is has it brushed installed

and the other has carbon fiber installed


it is in the store section of
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Here are the pics for you.

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Carbon fiber anyone?

I'm not sure if I like this. Maybe just bad pics?

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i actually seen the carbon fiber kit at the dealer (Watertown,MA) when i can IS Shopping. I personally thing that it was very ugly and don't know why people would like carbon fiber kits.
acutally i have the carbon fiber kit. I love it. The stock int looks to bland in my eyes. The aluminum i thought was nice also. They offered me two kinds-yellow carbon fiber and regular. The regular one looks better. I don't think the pictures posted do the carbon fiber int justice. It is really nice. One of the reasons that swayed me to buy the IS over a E36 M3..

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wows...i notice that theres hella IS300 around the Is with the c fiber kit....
i saw the carbon fiber kit and do not like it at all. it looks tacky and out of place, cheap looking, looks like some stickers, they need to find a better shadow sheet or design, the little cutouts for the knob position indicators and readouts make it look so cheap. they need to either make full out carbon fiber replacements or find a way to better integrate it rather than just a sticker to cover up most but not all of the dash. little details get to me.
I don't care for the Carbon Fiber kit. The interior of the IS is busy enough, the carbon fiber really puts it over the edge. I do however like the that brushed alluminum kit. That looks really sharp.

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How much is it for a complete alumunium kit?

I'm still contemplating how to get it done, i know its not that kit for sure, it may have some pieces that were painted blue like the part around the a/c controls and maybe the vents...i'll let you know when i get it done and have pictures and how i did it. im pretty sure ima have to have the piece around the steering wheel taken off and painted or have a copy fabricated in blue...

yellowfighter; you still haven't answered the questions i asked in this thread: about that kit.
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I love that Aluminum dash kit. What's the price? Oh and that blue interior kicks
@$$. The steering wheel needs to be a bit deeper blue though. Please post the pics when you get that blue done
yeah thats cool i know some of you do not like it.

i have the aluminum kits forsale for


you get a life time warranty on the kits or as long as you own the car i can have these kits to you

2nd day air if you like

i personally like the brushed kit in the car better looks very sleek !!!

i can get colors also

yellow , blue , red they are solid i can also get colors in the carbon fiber

but the big sale right now is the brushed kit

i know other people carry these kits but mine do have a some pieces the others do not

and the aluminum is real metal not plastic with a clear coat on top of it like the others

just try one if you do not like it when you get it send it back get your money back

i explain the return policy at my website


anyone wanting one of these contact me at

[email protected]

p.s. i have the blue and a yellow kit installed in a vw beetle i can post those pics it is just not in a is 300 but maybe you can get the idea.
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please post pic

i wanna have an idea what its like
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