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PIC of my Lexe

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This is the only one I could find, not a great shot but oh well.. This is at NIRA Palmdale, I won "Best Of" ICE Multimedia system....go to EVENTS.. NIRA palmdale.. PICS.. page 2 bottom right.. LEt me know what you guys think

Props to charlie at sdsr....

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i would not put a street weapon body kit on your car.
1. first of all that kit is played out(had it on my tacoma in 2000)
2. started cracking like 3 days after i got my truck painted
3. body shop could not even paint front bumper because it was falling apart(apply pressure to it and you could put your finger through it
4. my truck was sitting in that freakin wherehouse for 3-4 months
5. they ruined my stock paintjob because it was caked with fiberglass or some other material that would not come off, had to get it completely repainted
6. waste of money
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