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Hello. I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum, but if it isn't...please move it.

I have a couple question about these bulbs. I currently have a set of these bulbs, and just recently, one of the bulb burned out. So my question is, how much do these bulbs usually go for? I ask this because I bought these bulbs for $99 for the pair off ebay last time, and they were considered to be "GENUINE". At first I thought they were geniune until the light output started to diminish over the lifespan. It has now burned out after just 16months.

Here is a link of the bulbs

But I also found these bulbs on the KBCarStuff website for $122 EACH! NOT the pair. This makes me to believe that the bulbs off eBay are not geniune?

I know HID bulbs usually last pretty long...especially the ones that come stock on the car (PHILIPS).
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