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I found this thread over at Supraforums. Please read and sign the petition if you agree. Nothing may ever happen, but SEMA might help to make a change since they are a major influence in the US automotive market today.

Original thread

To: State of California
This petition is for Californians only. Should we succeed, this can set future precedent for other states.

For too long, the state of California has wrongfully targeted young, male owners of modified automobiles - namely imports.
The job of the law is to protect and serve - neither of which is accomplished when law enforcement officers harass automotive
hobbyists and levy unfair fines and needless citations. The majority of these victims are chosen by the type of vehicle they drive and
their demographic.

Law enforcement officers (many times ill trained and under informed) pull over victims under the guise of vehicle code infractions (namely that of modified exhaust)
and issue citations for equipment they are not qualified to assess. We do not dispute law enforcement practices towards individuals that
operate their vehicles in a hazardous manner (racing, speeding, reckless driving, etc) - many times our constituents are harassed when they
have committed no moving violations at all! These activities by law enforcement are tantamount to highway robbery, and only serve to line
their pockets with our hard earned dollars via citations, court, and smog referee fines.

Our demographic has a huge pool of disposable income, and the automotive aftermarket industry provides millions of dollars of tax revenue
to the state of California. Instead of wasting valuable resources harassing us, the people would be better served if law enforcement dedicated those
same resources towards preventing REAL crimes.

Our demands are:

1. That legislators of the State of California modify the vehicle code to be more friendly towards automotive hobbyists.
A. Teach law enforcement that SEEING a modified exhaust alone is not reasonable cause to pull over a vehicle for vehicle inspection - the officer in question must
be able to AUDIBLY detect that the exhaust is in violation and have reasonable certainty that it exceeds the 95db limit.
B. Provide law enforcement with calibrated field decibel meter and associative training to adequately ascertain whether or not the exhaust is in violation.
C. Reword V.C. 27151 and 27150 so that it is CLEAR that it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to modify your exhaust if it does not exceed the 95db limit.
D. In the event that emissions violations are found, reduce the fine amount and make these violations correctable.

2. Train law enforcement officers NOT to profile potential victims by their age, gender, or type of vehicle they drive. The appearance of a vehicle, however
garish it may be, if not in violation of vehicle code DOES NOT CONSTITUTE probable cause for vehicle inspection. Many officers have pulled over vehicles for OEM equipment
that shipped with the car FROM THE MANUFACTURER. Their inability to distinguish a manufacturer equipped device and an illegal one does little for their credibility.

3. A peace officer is not qualified to assess emissions related violations. The state should place the burden on smog stations where the technicians are trained
to inspect emissions related equipment - not on peace officers that are trained to protect and serve.

4. Simplify the process for C.A.R.B. legalization of aftermarket products. Make it cheaper and easier for companies to certify their products.

Please pass this petition on to your friends and local message boards!
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