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Hi - I thought surely there would be a recent thread about this but I couldn't find any...

Locked cars are being "broken into" in my neighborhood, 4 last night, without keys or breaking glass. I don't know the makes and models but it got wondering if my IS250 is vulnerable.

The keyless entry system (at least in my IS) sends out a 125kHz beacon 4x a second and waits for the fob to respond. When the fob is close enough to "hear" this, it responds on 315 MHz and it turns on the outside rear view mirror lights and then unlocks the car when you touch the inside of a door handle.

1st Scenario: The thieves are using RF amplifiers to send the 125kHz signal further, in order to reach your key fob inside the house so that it responds and they can unlock the door.
2nd Scenario: If the key fob is too far from the car, say a shopper in a mall vs the parking lot, they use two devices to amplify both the 125kHz and 315MHz signals each way, in order to gain access.
There is no decrypting involved. Only extending the range of the existing systems. Commonly referred to as a Relay Attack Device or Relay Attack Unit.

So my question is: Is this happening to ANY Lexus owners? Thanks.

BTW one solution is to put the fob in a "Faraday Cage", i.e. a metal box like an Altoids can, when not in use, or use one of the RFID blocking pouches sold online.
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